The Basics:
I went to school for marketing & graphic design in the late 90's and early 00's. I was trained technically in Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, and Prepress for both Digital and Offset Printing. 
I went on to work for for a fine art print house as Marketing Graphic Designer and Project Manager, assisting with both local and international gallery orders. 
I then went on to be hired for a large international publishing company and worked as an Art Director for two publications, one published nationally and one published worldwide. During that time I attended night school for a continuing education program at the Art Institute of Colorado to study Web Design and Development. Following that I went on to publish and produce my own digital magazine, worked as a freelance photographer, served as an Associate Art Director and Photographer for a medical magazine, and did course work in digital photography as well as metal working. I then moved from Denver to Portland. 
In Portland I worked as a Project Manager for an agency that provided website and marketing design. I was then recruited by a creative staffing agency to work as a Creative Recruiter and Account Manger, working with key accounts including, Nike, Adidas, and a vast range of marketing firms and interactive agencies both in Portland and Austin. 
Most importantly, I've had the good fortune to learn from a lengthy list of incredible colleagues and managers over the years and still appreciate every one of them. 

As the owner of Space Studios I feel excited and lucky to combine my varied experience and interests in beautiful Astoria, Oregon. 

My husband Shane has been a major contributor to Space Studios and everything in my life. He is a true talent and honestly seems to be able to accomplish anything he sets his mind to do. He helped me to build and create all the displays and counter for Space Studios and is consistently an all around amazing person to everyone he knows. Please check out his company at


About Denise

Thanks for visiting my site. I've been working as a creative for 16 years (hands on and as a recruiter/hiring manager for creatives) and although my portfolio showcases a wide range of work, in my opinion, the unifying characteristic is my love for life, people, and creating. The biggest compliment I often receive time and again is "you see me", whether that's photographing people, writing an about page for a small business owner, interviewing, or creating a logo for a client. 

I'm a keen observer of people, emotions, and behaviors. I combine that empathy with my unique personal background to accurately and convincingly showcase the best in people and their companies. I focus on what makes my clients unique and through creative work, encourage others to be drawn into their story and their services. l help my clients tell their own stories, most often through creative direction, marketing concepts, design, writing, and photography. My ability to project manage, encourage, teach, and believe in the best of others, comes into play when I combine it all with one-on-one coaching and my recruiting work. 

I'm currently assisting a handful of small business owners with growing their companies in a variety of ways. I support and encourage, assist with marketing goals and tasks, execute designs, project manage, brainstorm ideas for increased growth, and more. I'm not actively searching for clients, I find that people discover me at the right time for both of us in an organic way. If you think our approaches might align, I'm open to connecting.

Fun facts about me:

  • I recently wrote a book with my husband.
  • I'm a radio DJ for KMUN 91.9.
  • I love learning about people and hearing their story.
  • I'm funny as hell but only my husband and dog know it. 
  • I feel the most alive and free when I'm outside in nature.
  • I've been working since I was 15 years old and worked my way through college. Bartender, barista, plant waterer, receptionist, beer girl at a golf course, nanny, data entry at a car dealership, daycare teacher, bridal gown sales... you name it. I have appreciation for every job I've had and learned something unique from each opportunity. 
  • I still get excited before every shoot or at the start of each client project -- it means everything to me that I provide the best I can to my clients. 
  • I believe in working together and that there is enough to go around. Let's all kick ass and collaborate whenever possible. 

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