Hi, I'm Denise. Welcome to Space Studios. 

Under the umbrella of Space Studios, I work with individuals and companies as a consultant, creative partner, and coach. Additionally, I'm an author, speaker, and radio DJ. Previously employed as a Creative Recruiter, Account Manager, Art Director, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Agency Project Manager. I have committed to specializing in each role and yet straddle them all while bringing my whole being and abilities to work for my clients or personal enterprise.  LInkedIn Profile

I offer fresh perspectives, creative partnership, and motivation. I'm a keen observer of people, emotions, and behaviors. I combine that empathy with my unique personal background to accurately and convincingly showcase the best in people and their companies. I listen first, then focus on what makes my clients unique and through creative work, encourage others to be drawn into their story and their services. Most often through creative direction, marketing concepts, design, writing, and photography. My ability to project manage, encourage, teach, and believe in the best of others, comes into play when I combine it all with one-on-one coaching and my recruiting work. 

I have spent most of my life finding ways to share with the world the beauty I see in the human condition. Whether that is through photography, writing, painting, collage, art installations, graphic design, speaking, or sharing music that moves me. It all leads me to the same place — an authentic expression of myself and a passion to showcase the beauty I see in others and our shared fallible, poetic, and fascinating ride.
— Denise Faddis